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Order of the Purple Crest (Ordinem Crista Purpura) Empty Order of the Purple Crest (Ordinem Crista Purpura)

on Sun Dec 13, 2015 12:24 am
Order of the Purple Crest (Ordinem Crista Purpura)
The Order of the Purple Crest is an ancient order of Velonnian Knights dedicated to serving the office of Imperator Primus, which is the traditional ruler of the Imperium. They make up the Imperator’s most trusted bodyguard and act as his enforcing hand across the realm. Knights of the Order are primarily the younger sons of nobles, inducted at a young age so as to allow for extensive training and indoctrination and to ensure absolute loyalty to the institution. Nobles often dedicate their sons to the Order to show loyalty to the Imperium and Imperator, as it is well known that no bloodline, even his own, will hinder a Knight of the Violet Order from carrying out the Imperator’s will. The Order is based in the Arx Altus, a great citadel in the mountains of Velonna near Urbis Excelsus. Here boys destined to be knights live as Squires of the Order, receiving training and education and learning to the order’s Code, which emphasizes loyalty, first to the Imperium and then to the Imperator.

The Ordinem Crista Purpura utilizes the heavy tank-armor mechsuits favored by many Velonnian Knights, and when outfitted in full regalia (which they usually are, since most of their tasks involve either acting as the Imperator’s bodyguard or reinforcing his presence around the Imperium) Knights of the Order are distinguishable by their namesake, a royal purple crest of sharpened steel on their helms. The Order also has a small fleet of space vessels at its disposal, which are stationed at secret outposts throughout the Imperium to ensure the Imperator’s will can be executed rapidly anywhere in the realm.

The Order is headed by the Dux Imperialis, who answers directly to the Imperator and is held personally responsible for maintaining his safety. To ensure stability within the Order, the Dux designates a successor immediately after taking office; usually the successor is a young Knight who the Dux then takes on as protégé, taking a hand in his training and preparing him to take on the leadership.
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Order of the Purple Crest (Ordinem Crista Purpura) Empty Re: Order of the Purple Crest (Ordinem Crista Purpura)

on Sun Dec 13, 2015 10:18 am
Ooh, I like this! Sorta like our version of Star Wars' red and blue Imperial/Senate Guards or Rome's Praetorian Guard, except better. Razz (Possibly in part due to the hardsuits... Razz)

Order of the Purple Crest (Ordinem Crista Purpura) Velonn11
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