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Lord Commandant (MSI)
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Dux-class Heavy Frigate

on Fri Dec 18, 2015 11:42 pm
Dux-class Heavy Frigate

Top view:

-32x Mk. 1 Energy Batteries
-10x Mk. 2 MLS
-1x Mk. 3 OLEP

-450cm energy composite armour
-2-layer molecular shielding system
-2-layer particle shielding system

1x Alcel RAR-C sublight engine
2x Alcel BAR-C sublight engines
1x standard Alcel Slipspace Drive (700 ly/day)

The Dux-class is a fearsome craft, carrying enough energy weaponry to glass a continent, enough armour to hold out against ships twice its size, and the engine requirement of a cruiser. Barely fitting the frigate role, this ship is nonetheless an integral part of KT light task forces such as the Outer Light Task Force.

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