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PCG Timeline - First Draft

on Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:40 am
1957 - First satellite launched from Earth - Sputnik 1; the Space Race begins.

1958 - First US probe launched from Earth - Explorer-1

1961 - Russia succeeds in the first manned space flight - Vostok 1

1961 - USA succeeds in the first piloted space flight - Freedom 7

1968 - USA succeeds in first lunar orbit - Apollo 8

1969 - USA succeeds in first manned mission to the Moon - Apollo 11

1971 - First manned space station launched by the USSR - Salyut 1

1975 - First multinational space mission (USA and USSR) - Apollo-Soyuz Test Project

1977 - Voyager probes launched.

1981 - First reusable orbital spacecraft launched - STS-1 Space Shuttle Columbia

1990 - Optical orbital telescope launched - HUBBLE-1.

1997 - First operational rover on another planet - Mars Pathfinder

1998 - First multinational space station begins construction - ISS International Space Station

2012 - First manmade probe in interstellar space - Voyager 1 (launched in 1977)

2069 - NASA launches a series of shuttles bound for the Moon, carrying the colonists and robots who would build the first off-world colony - Tranquility Base

2076 - NASA uses Tranquility Base as a means to launch a colonization mission to Mars.

2078 - The long stints of travel between the Moon and Mars prove to be difficult on both crew and equipment. NASA along with aid from several other space programs begin to plan a new joint venture, a non-orbital space-station, dubbed “Apollo Base” in honor of the original manned missions to the Moon. Just as the old Apollo launch modules separated in stages, and each stage signified a new segment of that crew’s journey, this base would signify the next stage of the Mars Mission’s adventure. With this new joint project, the space programs of the world united as one and became the United Space Exploration Agency.

2080 - Though the preceding years were tough, the first Mars base, dubbed Curiosity Base was finally built. After the success of the first base, two others - Spirit Base and Opportunity Base - were planned.

2083 - Despite the layover at Apollo Base, the trip from the Moon to Mars still proves to be too much of a burden for many of the crews. The USEA plans a new endeavor; Project: Explorer. Not only would this be the first spacecraft built in orbit, but it would be the largest spacecraft to date. Final construction of the craft was planned to end around 2100, as a symbol to bring in the new century as a new area of space exploration.

2084 - Realizing that the current propulsion technologies would not be able to power a ship so large, scientists begin to research new technologies to power this large ship. This was dubbed Project: Goddard.

2085 - The keel is laid for Project: Explorer.

2087 - Project: Goddard appears to be a success and the first test is planned for 2089.

2089 - Project: Goddard is launched (I’ll leave it to the technophiles to figure out how Goddard works.)

2098 - Project: Explorer finishes construction and final tests begin on all systems.

2100 - Project: Explorer is christened UESA Armstrong and is successfully launched. The total travel time that is projected to be saved by the new project is more than half, with the potential to cut the time even more.

2103 - Thanks to the Armstrong, construction on Opportunity Base is completed ahead of schedule. Opportunity Base is a mining operation set up to mine a new gas, named Duosion, that has been discovered that could be a potential fuel source, however, due to it’s volatile nature it is very difficult and dangerous to mine, extra precautions must be taken.

2106 - The unthinkable happens, after so many years without a major tragedy in space, one greater than any other occurs in Opportunity Base. A mining shaft was not properly sealed and a mining laser creates a spark that causes an explosion that collapses the entire shaft along with half of the base. Only one third of the base was able to be saved, and nearly 150 out of the 200 crewmen and women stationed there were killed. This served as a solemn reminder to humanity that space is a dangerous, hostile, and unforgiving place.

2108 - Riots begin to break out at various bases both in the Lunar and Mars colonies. A new force is created by the United Nations to quell these riots, a military police of sorts. New weapons, equipment, and armor are designed for this unit, including patrol and fighter crafts.

2113 - Though the police force does succeed in quelling many riots, even more start up, so much so that the police are drastically outnumbered. In an attempt to dissolve any riots, the UESA is disbanded and each nation involved immediately re-activates their own space program and begins to plan their own mining base.

2120 - Each major power has at least one or more mining base on mars, though the Moon remains largely held by NASA.

2123 - Though the dissolution of the USEA succeeded in mostly quelling the riots, new disputes over mining territories arise, and this time, the disputes hit home. Nation debates against nation, as each wishes to gain more precious Duosion.

2126 - The situation comes to a head when Russian miners assault a Chinese held mining base. This act signals all out war in the colonies.

2126 - War comes to Earth as an ambassador of peace, sent from Russia to China is assassinated by hitmen hired by a consortium of businessmen from Japan. The hit is pinned on China and it isn’t revealed until after the war what truly happened.

2127 The United States’ neutrality can no longer be maintained as the war spreads into the western hemisphere. Unlike wars past, ariel battles are fought in US airspace by other countries. Fire rains down from the sky as aircraft and airship alike fall in burning pillars of smoke, destroying cities and killing thousands of innocents. The US reluctantly enters the war. Japan still sits idly by, waiting for the war to end so that they can sweep in and pick up the pieces.

2128 - The world is in utter chaos, nation is turned against nation, there are no clear lines, no distinction between black and white, and the colonies burn while miners fight for their lives. Hobbled together space battleships fight in battles that almost always mean the destruction of both ships, those with the better compliment of fighters survives. Nations that were once allies are now blood-thirsty enemies. The United Kingdom is allied with Russia and Canada and they oppose the United States, China, Brazil, and Mexico. African nations turn a profit raiding and smuggling weapons from bases held by either side.

2130 - War comes to a head as the United Nations building is bombed in a terrorist attack during an attempt at peace talks.

2131 - United States Special Forces Operative William “Paladin” McRory working in Japan uncovers the truth behind the war. Everything was planned by a Japanese business consortium, they had planned for the wars to break out in the colonies, though they had not anticipated the extent of conflict on Earth. However, McRory must make it out of Japan and back to friendly territory with the information. McRory is forced to work with a Russian Spetznaz operative operating under similar circumstances, the two make it out and present the plot to what is left of the leaders of the world.

2132 - The world is finally at peace, and from the ashes of war, the United Federation of Earth rises, the USEA is reestablished, and the exploration of space finally takes center place on the agenda of mankind. For once in history, the human race is finally united with a common goal. To tame the solar system they call a home.

2132 - A new ship, the Gargarin is commissioned in the same class as the Armstrong and is designated a long travel research ship. It’s mission is to push the boundaries of space and attempt to reach Saturn and return.

2139 - Thanks to the uniting of the scientific community of the world, fantastic breakthroughs in propulsion technologies are made and while FTL travel is not yet possible, it is deemed plausible.

2141 - The Gargarin encounters and alien probe near Saturn and attempts to make contact, any attempts are ignored and the probe becomes hostile. The Gargarin attempts to flee, but the probe destroys the ship before it can escape. The probe is monitored to be on a course to Earth

2142 - The United Federation of Earth founds the Planetary Defense Force to combat the encroaching alien probe and plans multiple new space battleships and carriers.

2143 - The alien probe arrives far sooner than anticipated. The PDF is nearly overwhelmed, but thanks to the amazing courage of the crews of the Earth battleships, the probe is destroyed and what is left of it is recovered. Scientists begin to study the probe to attain what scientific advancements that they can. The world now knows that they are not alone, and that they must prepare for the day when they make first contact, whether that contact is peaceful, or hostile.

2151 - The development of FTL engines is a success and test flights begin. Energy weapons, dubbed Flare Cannons, and the Aeigis energy shields (designed not only to defend against energy weapons, but to absorb their power into the host ship’s power reserves) are also undergoing development.

2174 - Time has passed for humanity’s Federation, the development of the Particle Acceleration Engine (Needs a Name), Flare Cannons, and Aeigis Shields have been a success, starship building process efficiency is up by 150%. Large capital ships are able to be constructed far more quickly, and the first interstellar mission is launched as the BB-928 Galaxy Explorer is sent on a mission to expand humanity’s reach and leave the solar system.

2174 - The mission to pass our solar system is successful, and the Galaxy Explorer begins its research mission deeper into our galaxy.

2176 - After exploring the galaxy we live in, the Galaxy Explorer makes first contact with the Dreel’a, supposedly the same race that sent the first probe. A peaceful contact is attempted, however, the Dreel’a ship attacks the Explorer and the Explorer’s superior weapons systems are able to destroy the Dreel’a ship. There are no survivors, and no answers. This signals the start of the first Interstellar War.

2199 - The war has been raging for several decades and there is no end in site, the Federation and the Dreel’a Coalition are equally matched, if one’s weapons are stronger than the other’s, the opposite of the shielding is true. Only in speed and maneuverability does humanity maintain a slight edge.

2200 - A new engine is developed, dubbed the Lightwarp engine, it is supposed to make FTL travel even faster and will in all hopes bring an end to the pointless war. Project: Excalibur begins, a prototype fast travel pocket battleship equipped with the new engine and a new weapon.

2203 - The Excalibur is launched, crewed by the best and brightest that the Federation Academy has to offer. The ship is captained by Jonathan Hays, a decorated war veteran. However just a few months after launch, the captain is killed by a malfunction with an airlock onboard. The cause is unknown, and it is now believed that there is possibly a saboteur aboard. Lieutenant Commander Martin Hunt takes command of the ship. Lt. Cmdr Hunt’s decisions lead him to constantly clash with Chief Navigation Officer First Lieutenant Jonathan McRory, which leads to McRory being demoted and removed from his station on the bridge.
2203 - Other, friendlier alien races are discovered, yadda yadda, I’ll let others work out these details because I’m not fully caught up on the races we currently have.

2204 - The situation aboard the Excalibur becomes dire as acting captain Hunt’s crew reassignments increase in their ridiculousness. Crew members that show proficiency in specific areas are reassigned to other divisions that are no where near there expertise. Crew tension is high, and it finally comes to a head when acting captain Hunt orders the Excalibur to retreat when faced with a Dreel’a ship that is known to have destroyed three other Federation battleships. A mutiny, led by Jonathan McRory takes place on Excalibur and Hunt is deposed and thrown in the brig. McRory then captains the helm and disables the Dreel’a ship, the Aquilam under command of Timothius Aq’ela, the Aquilam then flees for repairs. After the battle, McRory makes contact with Federation command and reports the situation, the ship is then ordered to return home and where the crew will face a hearing to determine which parties were in the right.

2205 - The hearings are finally ended. While Lt. Cmdr Hunt is allowed to maintain his rank and position as executive officer on the Excalibur, Jonathan McRory is promoted to Captain and placed in command of the Excalibur and the ship is sent out once again.

2206 - The Excalibur encounters a second hostile probe, similar design to the one that attacked in 2141. The Excalibur manages to disable and capture the probe to study it and discover that it is close, but not the same as Dreel’a design. This probe belongs to a third party, and the Excalibur begins it’s mission to locate this party by following the control signal sent by the unknown probe.

2207 - The Excalibur discovers the station that controlled the probe as does the Aquilam, who was following a similar lead. For the first time, two captains from both sides of the war meet on peaceful terms and agree to work together to infiltrate the station. Aboard the station, the captains discover the truth of the war, the Federation and Dreel’a were manipulated by the Z’Ron, an ancient and powerful alien race, and even now as a forces from each side of the war are gathering for a massive conflict, the Z’Ron are moving in their forces to intercept the battle and destroy the main portions of each fleet so that they can move into their home systems and take them over. The Excalibur and Aquilam race to the coordinates of the battle as the Z’Ron ships close in. The two ships make it to the coordinates with just enough time to relay the new information before the Z’Ron arrive. The Z’Ron ship is a massive capital ship, easily the size of a moon, dwarfing the fleets, it takes everything the fleets have to destroy it, in the end, the Excalibur uses their untested prototype weapon, codenamed “Arondite” to strike the weakspot of the Z’Ron ship and destroy it.

2208 - Following the war, the Federation comes to peaceful terms with the Dreel’a.

2211 - Together with the Dreel’a and several other alien races, the “Space UN” is founded and alongside it, the new Space Defense Force.

During this time, corruption slowly sidles its way into the Space Defense Force as admirals seek more than glory.

2332 - Jonathan Scarlett, descendant of Jonathan McRory is born.

2351 - Jonathan Scarlett, Ian Roberts, and Benjamin Trane enroll in the Space Defense Force Academy. Scarlett dual majors in command and navigation, following in his great, great grandfather’s footsteps. Roberts dual majors in command and sciences as well, and Trane majors in engineering.

2355 - As the graduating class of that Scarlett, Roberts, and Trane are part of begins their first training tour aboard the Longshanks, approximated to last about one month, an emergency arises. An Earth merchant ship, the Exarthian has issued an SOS after encountering an vessel of unknown origins. The Admirals of the fleet have the ships under their command too busy with personal errands that no other ships can be spared, thus the training vessel is sent to assist. When the Longshanks arrives, they’re met with two ships, the Exarthian and VUO. The VUO is covered in moss, trailing vines, and other plants, and the Exarthian appears to have the first stages of growing some itself. The Exarthian fails to answer any hails sent by the Longshanks, and Captain Christian Speare of the Longshanks orders an away team be sent to investigate the the ship in distress.

The away team discovers a fungus that seems to be taking over the interior of the Exarthian as well as the bodies of the seemingly deceased crew. However, they manage to encounter one crewman that is still alive, Ensign Samuel Ramirez. With his dying breath, he warns the away team that the entire ship is infected, and that in all likelihood so are they. The away team returns and the hangar bay they arrive in is quarantined. The captain deems the VUO hostile and destroys both it and the Exarthian. The Longshanks jumps to a remote gravity well so that they can ensure that the ship is free of the fungus. During this time, the captain goes to view the quarantined crew who has stopped responding to conversation and begins to show signs of growing plant-like life on their bodies. As he and the first officer are examining the infected, one of the infected crew punctures the plastic containment wall with a pike-like protrusion grown from its arm and impales the captain. As the captain falls over, deceased, the XO has to make the hard call and closes himself and any crew in the hangar inside and orders the hangar to be flushed into space. Ensigns Scarlett, Roberts, and Trane take command of the ship, and attempt to take her home, however, along the way, they are ambushed by a small fleet of infected VUO, however, this one is armed. It disables the Longshanks' warp drives, and pursues them as they attempt to escape.

Realizing that they can’t allow the VUO to follow them to inhabited space and risk contamination of colonized worlds, the three ensigns come up with a way to destroy the assault vessel. Scarlett takes command of the helm while Trane takes command of gunnery teams and Roberts works on repairing the warp engine. Scarlett pulls out his inner star-jockey and preforms some trickey maneuvers, flying circles around the VUO flotilla. Eventually the enemy force is destroyed and the Longshanks is able to return home. After undergoing quarantine and being dubbed clean, Scarlett, Roberts, and Trane are set on the roads to their careers. They are eached promoted to first lieutenant and placed in various positions around the fleet, albeit each is separated from the other to keep such idealistic young men from banding together and putting the admiralty’s personal projects at risk.

Trane is placed aboard the Scorpion, a research vessel, Roberts is placed in a command position as a junior officer onboard the African Queen, a decorated battleship, and Johnnyred is placed in outer rim patrol, flying recon fighters in the middle of nowhere.

2357 - Stuff happens with J-red and Ant, we need Ant here to actually figure out what happens.

2359 - Scarlett is promoted to Commander and is given the Captainship of the Anastasia, an aging cruiser that houses the scum and failures of the fleet. The Anastasia is assigned to long range patrol on the colony frontier. Antics and epicness ensues. Tired right now. Plague ships slips into colonized range somehow, Anastasia attempts to report it, but to the admiralty, but their claims are ignored, however they are able to get word to the ships commanded by Ian Roberts and Benjamin Trane as well as a few other captains who bring in their ships to aid in the assault.

In the aftermath of the battle all the captains are decorated as heroes and a few receive promotions. Unbeknownst to them that in the coming days several of them will be wrongfully courtmartialed for crimes they did not commit. This along with the apathy and corruption of the admiralty lead Scarlett, Roberts, and Trane to tender their resignation as well as their citizenship so that they can found a PMC to fight were the Federation refuses, without all the red tape, and thus the Phoenix Command Group is born.

2363 - The PCG receive their first contract from the Federation, they are assigned to guard a minor ambassadorial congress where a frontier ambassador is arriving to present cases from several frontier colonies. However, during this time, the PCG is betrayed by one if its own. Lt. Cmdr Adam Rainer kidnaps the ambassador and pins the blame on the PCG, leading the PCG to go on the run. The PCG goes into hiding, and after rebuilding their forces, which includes a few defecting Federation captains, the PCG goes on a manhunt for Rainer and his pirate Scorpion Attack Force so they can rescue the ambassador and prove their innocence, all while avoiding the Federation’s hunting parties. It is revealed that Rainer also stole the plans for Project: Vindictive, a new ship that that had a prototype weapon on board. Rainer has various shipyards in the outer colonies building Vindictive class ships.

The PCG begins destroying Vindictive shipyards as they search for Rainer. The Fleet notices the activity in the outer colonies and sends a flotilla to investigate. Knowing that when the flotilla arrives they will be utterly destroyed by the other Vindictive ships that are slowly coming online. The PCG Council dispatches ships to aid the Federation Fleet as they close in on the Vindictive shipyards. The combined strength of the PCG and Federation fleets is barely enough to hold back the SAF fleet, however, Scarlett brings in his newest ship, Project: Andromeda, a ship designed to combat the Vindictives, and with the extra firepower, they are able to repel the SAF forces. Rainer leaves, leaving a cryptic message that this assault was only the “tip of the iceberg.”

After the battle, the Federation sends more ships to group with the fleet at the colonies to quell the “rebellion” going on in the colonies. The PCG must protect the colonies against this assault while causing minimal damage to the fleet. In the aftermath, the PCG resumes its hunt for Rainer and the ambassador and eventually discovers that the ambassador was recaptured from the SAF and is being held aboard Earth Spacedock. The PCG and SAF were mere pawns in the hands of the Federation admiralty, everything was a setup from the beginning to frame the PCG so that the admirals would be able to maintain their control.

Hastily repairing what they can, the PCG attempts a desperate rescue mission by assaulting Earth Spacedock. The PCG fights its way through in a desperate struggle, and finally, Scarlett, Roberts, and Trane are able to board the station. They encounter Rainer who has already rescued the ambassador. The Council follows them, but are trapped by pirate forces, Scarlett breaks for Rainer while the others cover him, and the two engage in a duel while the ambassador runs away. After defeating Rainer, Scarlett, along with Roberts, and Trane, follow the ambassador into what appears to be the spacedock stabilization controls. The ambassador has gone mad, he’s attempting to sabotage the spacedock reactor to cause it to fall into orbit of whatever planet it is in orbit of. (Probably some kind of capital world or something. The ambassador confesses everything to the council, the plot by the admiralty, the setup of the PCG, how he subtle manipulated Rainer (who grew up on a colony world) to form the SAF to “protect the colonies,” however, during the rant, Trane was able to open up a comms to the fleet and the Federation Council so that the ambassador revealed everything to the public. After the rant, Scarlett is able to incapacitate the ambassador, and Roberts is able to stop the reactor’s destruction.

In the aftermath of the conflict, PCG approval ratings and recruitment is through the roof, many dissatisfied Defense Force members turn in their resignations and join the PCG. Colony shipyards begin assisting the PCG in rebuilding their fleet, and the Federation Council begins investigating the corruption within the admiralty. The winds of change are finally starting to shift. The PCG is officially recognized as an autonomous battle group and is given full independant powers.

2368 - Fires of War/Operation Omega, ask S-H for a rough description. Atnlays assist PCG, SAF is potentially wiped out in the final battle with the Spectres.


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Re: PCG Timeline - First Draft

on Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:41 am
Ok, so this is just a rough first draft, all dates can be changed, and the names of organizations and races can be changed. I just wanted to get this out there.

I don't really have anything after FoW planned for this timeline with the exception of some minor events like Trane and Roberts leaving the PCG to become Defense Force admirals.


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Star-Hunter wrote:We channeled pure Jred into Texas to keep it red
was scary for a second
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Re: PCG Timeline - First Draft

on Thu Aug 11, 2016 2:22 pm
J-red apparently hasn't changed it here, but the Dreel'a should be replaced with the Ak'tuli and the Z'ron moon-ship should be replaced with an Azcal destroyer/cruiser.

Looking over this thing, combined with thoughts on the stuff from last night, a few critiques do spring to mind. In rough order of priority:
1) GAME SPOILERS GEEZ... But seriously, a spoiler warning would've been nice... Razz
2) The CIR currently isn't present in the timeline, which is a bit of a problem. They're currently one of our major factions and were originally part of the Fed, so they'll need to be included... probably around... Idk. The current timeline has them at 2378, but here something more like 2260s to 2310s would work better. The main issue with that is that the CIR would be an established power by the time of the SAF rebellion, probably over a century old― which would really push back some of the dates. We may need to move Scarlett down to great-grandchild, at least. Razz
3) This is more minor, but we have a similar problem with our Lawful-evil Alien Supremacists. Razz They should emerge about ten or fifteen years before the SAF revolt, so we may want to push that back further still...
4) You know what? All of my issues with this can basically be summarized as "everything happens too quickly", so let's just boot OO back two centuries, move everything up proportionally, add in the stuff you missed, and call it a day. XD

Another note: this is probably personal preference, but the timeline as a whole seems a bit too.. detailed. I know that's a weird, criticism, but here me out: right now, we're mainly just working with general ideas. For example, we don;t need to spell out the key points of the WW3-type war at the begining; for our purposes, something like "2126-2132: WW3" will suffice. The extra detail honestly just kinda clutters up the whole thing. If you need to describe single events in more detail (like the Longshanks' first contact with the plague), you can just say something like "2355: Longshanks incident [or whatever we call it] (1)" and then put a note near the bottom: "(1)― [your paragraphs on the event here]". This would basically make the timeline as a whole cleaner, which is better for our current state of "everything subject to change". Razz

Also, do we really need to note the events that've already happened? Minor nitpick, but seems unnecessary. Razz

...Hmmm. Looking back, I suppose a lot of this boils down to "I still like the old timeline". Razz Well, I suppose I might as well throw it out here, just so people know what I'm talking about. Razz
Old timeline (as of 8/11/16):
14 billion BC - 2009    History of the universe. Also, Dyson spheres get built; Duma empire reaches height and wanes to present size/power; Tototecol empire active, but disappears for reason unknown; unknown alien power almost wipes out most sentient species/empires, opening way for new empires
2009 - something       A bunch of nerds invented the PCG
2076 - 2127              Sol System Colonized (the other, non-earth planets)
2128                       {FTL DRIVE OF CHOICE} invented
2128 - 2255             Golden Age of Colonization
2256                       The Federation War begins
2265                       The Federation War ends with a Federal victory. Humanity is united under one banner for the first time.
2306                       First contact with the Ak’tuli
2354                       Progenitor to Space UN formed
2378                       Caldera Imperial Republic founded; First Colonial War beings
2382                       First Colonial War ends
2400s, probably        Modern Space UN formed (?)
2564                       [Alien] Civil Uprisings of [Important Planet in Federation Space].
2565                       Uprisings quelled, Fleet consolidates into purely human elements
2572                       Alien-Supremacist political-aspect founded; terrorist group founded shortly thereafter
2581                       SAF/Frontier revolt against the Federation.
2582                       PCG founded (?)
2587                       Spectres (?)
2605                       Cor Redor(?)
2608                       Current Year

Not perfect by any means, but hey. TBH, we could probably cut a century our so out of the middle, seeing as nothing really happens during the 2400s― though it would still take a while for the fleet to reach the level of corruption it had when the PCG formed.

...OK, I know I just ragged on this new timeline a lot; I won't lie, I'm attached to the old one. Still, this one certainly isn't bad; needs tweaking to at least fit the Federation, but that's it.

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Re: PCG Timeline - First Draft

on Thu Aug 11, 2016 5:20 pm
I really dont have anything to nit pick in the timeline, but behold the behemoth, the yor l, etx + yneme, commodore, and other such events should be added to the timeline following OO (and any other stories i missed). As these where all basically original they shouldnt need to be booted or changed much or anything.


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Re: PCG Timeline - First Draft

on Thu Aug 11, 2016 5:28 pm
C0MMY is being removed from this timeline.

Those other stories are all post FoW and thus the reason they aren't here.


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Star-Hunter wrote:We channeled pure Jred into Texas to keep it red
was scary for a second
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Re: PCG Timeline - First Draft

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