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MSI Timeline

on Thu Aug 11, 2016 1:43 pm
The following is copied directly from what MAD made. I'll do what I can to fill in more history when I have time, then hopefully MAD can look over it and correct or remove it when he's next active.

1520-1528 (2563-2571)
Clatius’ War
Emperor of the venerable Velonnian Imperium, which has ruled Velonna and its colonies and satellites for hundreds of years but has been recently plagued with corruption and unrest, launches a disastrous and unpopular war of expansion against a coalition of neighboring systems. The war lasts 7 years and results in Velonna losing valuable frontier territory and taking on massive debts.

1530-1534 (2573-2577)
Velonnian Revolution

Weak government, a crumbling economy, and a fed-up population leads to mass civil unrest. After four years of increasingly violent revolution, the Imperium is overthrown and a group of revolutionary leaders declare the Velonna Republic, led by a populist People’s Congress and claiming to embody the will of the masses. Despite its idealistic constitution, however, the People’s Congress maintains a stranglehold on power brutally suppresses opposition to protect the revolutionary government from reactionaries and other internal opponents.

1534-1543 (2577-2586)
Velonnian Civil War

The Velonna Republic proves to be short-lived, as it can keep neither the radicals within its ranks nor the Imperialists and separatists opposing it at bay. In addition, the Republic is unable to pay off the debts inherited from the Imperium, and earns the enmity of many nobles and corporations—some of which had supported the Republic because of the Imperium’s own inability to pay its debts—by first attempting to pay off their loans with worthless currency and then voiding the debts altogether. After just three years of Republican rule, Velonna and its realm fractures, leading to a long and bloody civil war between innumerable sides as every noble family, revolutionary demagogue, and military commander attempts to seize control of either the nation or a part of it. The Republic of Velonna is soon ousted from its capital in Urbis Magnus, and fades into insignificance as more and more factions join the fight. From this chaos eventually emerges the Minotaur Mercenary Force, led by Admiral Markus Calinius, who consolidates the planets relying on his navy-for-hire for protection into a resource base and conquers much of the fractured Imperium.

1543 (2586)
Fall of Velonna

Calinius and the MMF take Velonna, declare the restored Velonnian Imperium, and gain the support of many nobles and other factions. This marks the official end of the Civil War, though consolidation continues far into the future in various parts of the Imperium.

1545-1552 (2588-2595)
Republican Rebellion

Simmering unrest under the new Imperium erupts into the Republican Rebellion as numerous factions, mainly remnants of the Revolutionary government which started the conflagration, attempt to secede or resist the Imperial government through guerrilla warfare. Calinius is unable to quell the violence, and it continues to spread.

1550 (2593)
Calinius Assassinated
Calinius is assassinated on the 20th anniversary of the outbreak of the Velonnian Revolution. Cecilius Calvert, a politician from a wealthy noble family, is next in line for Chancellor. Under his indecisive leadership, the Republican Rebellion only worsens, with the Republican factions linking up and declaring a new Republic over large portions of the Imperium.

1553-1555 (2596-2598)
Year of Tyranny

After 2 years of seeing the Imperium crumble, Maxwell Augustus Damirius, a senior Naval officer, joins a conspiracy among top military commanders and nobles and seizes power, claiming the long-dormant office of Tyrant and leading rapid and sometimes ruthless campaigns to expunge opposition to Imperial rule from the Imperium. This is later referred to as the “Year of Tyranny,” though historians will point out that it lasted longer than a year.

1555 (2598)
Damirius Elected Imperator

Having crushed organized opposition and rooted out much of the dissent to Imperial rule from the nobles, corporations, and local governments, Damirius declares the Imperium reunited and at peace with itself and steps down from the position of Tyrant, only to be elected Imperator by the Assembly of Lord-Generals (which some will later point out is by this time packed with Damirius’ supporters). From this time forward, the Velonnian Imperium remains unbroken by major insurrection or secession, though rebellion will continue to linger throughout.

1555-1558 (2598-2601)
Consolidation Period

Damirius continues to consolidate his hold on the Imperium, setting up the government and rebuilding infrastructure. To centralize power and gain the loyalty of the nobles, much of the debt of the various noble houses accrued during the Civil War is taken on by the Imperial government, and this, along with the Imperium’s significant pre-existing debt, is payed off through the sale of colonization charters in the Eastern Reaches, the vast expanse of habitable worlds to the Galactic East of Velonnian space. In the rapid expansion which ensues, the Imperium comes into contact with a number of other races and governments, many of which are already beginning to fight a war against an expanding insectoid race.

1558-1563  (2601-2606)
Noble War

The Imperium joins together with a number of new allies in the Torium Pact, which officially begins the Noble War against the invading insectoids, which are commonly referred to by Velonnians as the Shellterrors, after the insectoid armies of Velonnian legend. This legend plays a major role in the Imperial effort to boost nationalism, as Damirius and his military leaders evoke the ancient tales and traditions of war to rally the public and the military. The aliens are eventually defeated and largely exterminated. Their homeworld, ravaged by orbital bombardment, is renamed Triumph, and on one of the glass deserts is built the City of Triumph, an impressive collection of monuments to the war and the various combatants. Triumph becomes a communal monument world, jointly administered by the Torium Pact and the home of first tombs and obelisks but later great libraries and even universities.

1565 (2608)
Formation of the MSI

Following its great victory in the Noble War, the Torium Pact nations continue to grow closer and more interdependent, and in 566 consolidate themselves into the Majestas Sempiternus Imperium, or MSI. The new nation quickly becomes a galactic power as it begins making contact with other factions in the civilized galaxy.


MSI Colonization Timeline:

-1500: Velonna Colonized.
-1900: FTL Achieved. Velonna’s population between 1-10 billion most likely. Axiad, Botaris, Maalis colonized.
-2000: Core worlds all colonized, Dependencies colonization begins.
-2350: Dependencies all colonized, Colonies colonization begins.
-2400: Colonies colonized, Frontier colonization begins.
-2600: Frontier heavily colonized.

Map for reference


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