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DI Summary and Announcement

on Sat Sep 03, 2016 3:11 am
EDIT: Just letting everyone know that Daragon Incorporated is officially changing to Dragon Dynamics. This is for a number of reasons, partially because I've never liked the name "Daragon Incorporated," and partially because Daragon is an obscure character from the SW universe, and in the Rebirth's spirit of total originality, it makes sense to change it. I'll be changing a lot more about DD as things progress, so nothing here is necessarily permanent.

To whoever has the ability to change things, I would like several changes made to my section of the forum whenever you have a chance. First, of course, please change the name of the company to "Dragon Dynamics." Secondly, I would like all the categories deleted (please double check with me first on the chat to make sure I have finished backing them up!) and replaced with the following categories: "Dragon Dynamics; Phalanx Security Services; Sangron Consulting and Solutions; UniTech Industries; Personnel and History". Thank you!

This summary is to replace all previous notions concerning DD. If anyone has questions, feel free to ask!

Dragon Dynamics is a company specializing in engineering/technology consulting and starship distribution. It is widely considered the galactic go-to for large-scale contracting, whether a developing planet needs environmental solutions (terraforming, global temperature adjusting, species conservation) or a more advanced planet wants a massive structure built (moon colonization, super-building, space elevator). In addition, DD has branches involved in security contracting and planetary defense consulting, which has led to ventures into starship design and distribution.

Though not the only galactic consulting company, DD really made a mark by creating the first cost-efficient combat-ready starships available to smaller planetary governments. The ready availability of fairly cheap, medium-end starships allowed minor planets to defend themselves to a degree, disrupting dependence on hired mercenaries; it also allows larger factions to bolster backwater outposts for far less money.

The idea behind this is that DD ships can be somewhat of a generic go-to for NPC ships, particularly non-faction ones. Not every random agricultural planet can have the PCG come to its rescue when pirates raid their port, and the odds are they can't manufacture their own starships either. DD lets them protect themselves without relying on mercenaries or buying "name-brand" faction ships. It's not supposed to be a massive galactic superpower, it retains no control over its ships once they leave its possession, and it gives an option for generic NPC starships without coming up with designs for each new planet. Also, on a much more minor note, it gives a nice economic note to the universe that I think a low of universes lack to a degree.

This description is a WIP, and will continue to change.

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