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Daragon Dynamics: Structure and Summary Empty Daragon Dynamics: Structure and Summary

on Mon Sep 05, 2016 11:37 pm
A brief summary of Daragon Dynamics' organizational structure, as well as a brief summary of each of its branches. This is subject to change frequently, and eventually the summaries will be expanded into full-fledged descriptions and moved to separate topics.

Dragon Dynamics CEO: Andre Tholvel
Board of Directors
-----Department of Information: Janelle Colludi
         Public Relations: Jack Eresto
         Competition Analysis: Cassandra Han
         Human Resources: John Morris
-----Department of Security: Aidan Candrith
         Inventory Security: Tyrone Damel
         Warehouse Systems: Arnold Dunham
         Personnel: Allan Bircher
-----Department of Business: Cecil Hendricks
         Accounting: Catherine Matrin
         Marketing: Elowhin Hopkins
         Sales: Lawrence Mackey
    Sangron Consulting and Solutions: Adam Wilhelm
    Phalanx Security Services: Thomas Galman
     UniTech Industries: David Long


Sangron Consulting and Solutions is a consulting/contracting company with a number of specializations, from construction engineering to environmental problem solving on global scales. Most large-scale contracting comes from developing planets looking to expand moon colonies or correct overpollution. Innovative, cutting-edge tech and methodology keep prices attainable for smaller planetary factions, and have helped Sangron rise to become one of the galaxy's leading companies in both consulting and contracting, making the top five of Space-Forbe's* Space-Companies list for fifteen consecutive years.

Phalanx Security Services is a security contracting company for both solar system defense and personal bodyguard services. A primary distributor of DD starships, Phalanx is the go-to contractor for mid-to-high end combat starships, and a favorite of agricultural and industrial manufacturing worlds, which often suffer pirate attacks but cannot afford to keep mercenaries happy. Phalanx also trains its own security personnel to varying skills and specialties, providing protection for many dignitaries and neutral multisystem summits.

UniTech is a non-specialized technology development company, with significant branches into entertainment media, weaponry on all scales, and wearable technology. UniTech frequently works closely with other DD organizations to develop specific types of product; The Phalanx-UniTech collaboration on WatchDog Home Security was so successful that it was largely adopted into the Warehouse Systems office under the Department of Security. UniTech remains a galactic leader in personal communication device sales, and runs the Galactic Technological Summit, a galaxy-wide event that brings innovators together to discuss their findings and breakthroughs.

*satire (mostly)

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