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Dragon Dynamics: Information Department Empty Dragon Dynamics: Information Department

on Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:28 pm
Dragon Dynamics' Information Department is responsible for the Public Relations, Competition Analysis, and Human Resources divisions. It is the most secretive of the Departments, and makes use of the best data management software systems available to collect, sort, and analyze staggering amounts of information from all over the galaxy.

Public Relations Division
The PRD is what everyone sees. From the logo to the color scheme, everything seen of Dragon Dynamics by the public eye is carefully tailored by PRD. It is also one of the largest single drains on DD's funds, as there is no return on investment and requires a great deal of money to keep everything clean, smooth, and polished. A highly trained board of top-notch market analysts, sociologists, and specialized AI is employed to make the best decisions for the greatest public impact, while a large force of representatives are given nearly as much training as some spec-ops teams in control and manipulation of face-to-face interactions. PRD is responsible for diplomacy between companies, large contract negotiations, and coordinating with Marketing Division to ensure a unified face through both company-wide and product-specific public appeal.

Competition Analysis Division
Competition Analysis (CAD) is widely considered the most secretive known division of DD. The defined duty of CAD is to study and account for all threats, whether in the market, in galactic politics, or in shipping routes, and to predict future actions by these threats. While CAD accomplishes these goals with a high success rate thanks to its top of the line data management systems, it is also responsible for more covert, and sometimes less legal, matters of business. From bribes to corporate espionage, CAD ensures that competition remains simple competition, and does not blossom into physical threats to customers, inventory, or DD employees. However, Dragon Dynamics prides itself on being self-aware and is careful to maintain some level of moral code, preferring to remain on top through superior business products and business methods, and does not directly interfere with free-market tendencies or engage in corporate sabotage. Competition Analysis is used far more often as a preventative measure against possible underhanded methods by other companies than as a weapon against competing markets.

Human Resources Divison
While HRD technically handles employee complaints and demands, as well as the hiring process, new employee orientation, and a multitude of other duties, it acts simultaneously as an internal mirror to CAD's external counterintelligence agency. Using a variety of resources, HRD collects vast quantities of information on DD employees, as well as many customers and rivals, and organizes the information into databases that can be accessed by those with the proper security clearance. A large staff of psychologists is maintained for many purposes, from assigning new employee positions to identifying potential spies from other organizations. Within the last four years, a team of programmers has been tasked with working with the psychology teams and databases to develop AI capable of spotting infiltrators, poor employee performance, and corporate sabotage.

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