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Dragon Dynamics: Security Department Empty Dragon Dynamics: Security Department

on Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:29 pm
The Security Department is very nearly as straight-forward as it sounds. The DSD is responsible for protecting DD's assets from threats ranging from pirates to thieves to rival corporations, with a wide variety of tools and resources at its disposal. Frequently working with or drawing from Phalanx Security Services' large pool of additional resources, DSD is a relatively small but advanced force more than capable of providing the safety Dragon Dynamics needs in a dangerous galaxy.

Inventory Security Force
ISF is the heart and soul of DSD, often referred to as the Navy of Dragon Dynamics. ISF consists of an ever-growing variety of combat and transportation vessels, with a large fleet structure that is constantly being cycled as new ship designs are developed. All ship designs are pulled directly from Phalanx Security Services, which focuses on small-to-medium frigates and cruisers. Because of this, the fleet is mostly comprised of agile multi-purpose combat vessels, which is more than enough to provide escorts against pirate raids. DD prefers quick, efficient ends to battles, and so frequently utilizes ion cannons and other disabling weapons to allow boarding parties to kill or capture the technologically hampered pirates, after which enemy ships are commonly scrapped by DD wrecking crews. On the rare occasion that a large-scale campaign or combat force is required, the same large numbers of small, agile ships are used, supported by a few battleships or prototype supercruisers if available.

Warehouse Security Systems
The brainchild of a Phalanx and UniTech collaboration, and the spiritual evolution of the WatchDog Home Security system, Warehouse Security is a highly specialized division involved in defense of DD's static assets, such as planetside retail outlets and inventory storage units. The main facet of the Warehouse Security System is usage of deadly, efficient combat droids, as well as a sophisticated suite of passive and active sensors meant to detect even the most minute changes in status of the protected area, on any dimension, and interpret threat level to communicate to the droid network. There are many iterations of the systems in place, and it is constantly being refined and improved to provide the best combination of invisibility and instant effectiveness, with the goal being fortress-like impenetrability at the flick of a switch without bulky or intimidating features.

Security Personnel Division
SPD is by far the largest manpower requirement within the company. Responsible for all security-related personnel in DD, SPD employs hundreds of thousands of guards, marines, technicians, and engineers. Because DD is a corporation and therefore does not need to launch ground campaigns or hold territory, its security forces are highly specialized for two main purposes: ship-to-ship combat, and ground-based urban warfare. The first category is covered by the Dragon Marines, an elite unit trained for fighting aboard starships and in null-gravity situations. The Dragon Guards unit is trained for urban warfare, particularly in asset protection and VIP escort. Both are trained alongside Phalanx Security forces, and are renowned for their ability to work in a unit and work seamlessly with technology to its fullest functionality.

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