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Oliver "Sloop" Santana Windrow

on Fri Sep 23, 2016 11:26 pm
Currently in Hiatus until the dev-team gets their silly lives together and hammers out canon details. Razz

First off, I'm just going to warn everyone, this character biography is going to be a bit...different. This is a long term project, I'll probably chip away at it as the fancy strikes me.
No offense to those who love their brutal simplicity, I hate the standard issue "my character has nice features, sandy blond hair, eats rocks for breakfast and has been in the navy since 12" style of bios. (I blame living with a professional film critic as a room mate for ruining my ability to guiltlessly do things in a non-artistic way, haha.)
What follows is what I will call the Citizen Kane approach to biography writing.
I feel like it will give you a much more interesting viewpoint of my character, who he is, how he fits into the universe, and what has developed his worldview. Or perhaps more likely, it just might be obnoxious and leave you confused.  Razz

/query info "sloop"
Is this what you are looking for? Y_N

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Auto-Abridgment Active. Experimental Multimedia Presentation Setting Active, for a standard view please query "/standard".

File::1 Galactic Data Sheet (Shadow II)
Shadow II is the second major planet in the Shadow Sector, located on the outskirts/wastelands of the Rio Region. The sector is best known for the fact that Shadow I and II share the same orbit and are located far from their host star, both curiosities for large planetary objects that challenge many commonly held beliefs about planetary formation.
In recent time the system has raised a great deal of interest in the scientific community, which is trying to rectify the discrepancy with formation theory. (See Lombard-Ludwick Theorem, Tatty Walp Theory, Zzzk Hypotheses)
Shadow II is characterized by extremely low surface temperatures, harsh terrain, little surface sunlight and a thin volcanic equatorial band capable of supporting microscopic life around its steam vents and hot springs. There is little atmosphere and all human habitation must be artificial or sub-surface.
Colonization History:
Shadow II was first colonized in the early 2200s by the Pilgrims, radical religious communities with cryptic goals. The planet was hailed as a god-send as it was believed its isolated location and harsh conditions would prevent outside interference. Unfortunately, they were correct. The ruins dotting the surface tell a grizzly tale of disaster, disease, decivilization and eventually extinction.
Shadow II was not recolonized until 2475 when the Obra Interplanetario discovered subsurface deposits of radioactives and minerals.
File::2 Birth Record -2560.12 (Shadow II)
File::3 News Report -xxxx.xx
File::4 News Report -xxxx.xx
File::5 Juvenile Justice Court Record (Shadow II) - 257x.xx
File::6 Warsaw-Hack Detention Facility (Rio Prime) Release Documents
Excerpt: Audio File: Junior Counsellor Brock
It continues to be my view that the rest of the counseling staff are erroneous and hasty. It is not my belief Oliver has made the total and swift recovery their reports suggest. In my dealing with him he has proven to be very...shrewd and controlled. I believe he has not recovered from his antisocial and anti-authority tendencies, merely become far more skilled at hiding them. Maybe even from himself, I don't know. I need more time for observation. And sending the kid straight to fleet academy? Whose idea was that? Are you guys insane, potentially putting an entire starship in the hands of a high performing, unpredictable sociopath? Maybe it's me that is crazy after all!
[undistinct chatter, scuffling]
[end file]
File::7 FDP Acceptance Letters - xxxx
File::8 News Report -2578.23 (State Sponsered News Source)
[wide angle shots of the Federal Fleet Academy complex, with smoke rising from portions of it]
Commentator (solemn voice, National Anthem playing in background):
Alien infiltration of key positions has reached even the sol system. A large party of rabble rousers and malcontents formed on Fleet Academy property, chanting malicious pro-secession slogans and calling for a total removal of Federal peacekeeping forces from the rebellious Cerecen hotbed. Loyal federal police forces quickly converged and ordered the mob to dispel. They were eventually forced to open fire with riot control weapons. In the resulting chaos, the foul rebels barricaded themselves in the dormitories, and seized control of the central datacore and computer. These they utilized to attack public utility controls, power and communication nodes and digital assets all across our beloved home world.
[camera changes to scenes of heavily armed marines and light attack mechs storming the complex, riddling buildings with explosive cannon fire]
The Governor General instituted martial law and deployed fleet assets to put a swift end to the low-handed attack on public security and health.
Mopping up actions continue across the complex, but the leaders and instigators of this no doubt alien-fomented discord shall be brought to swift justice.
What can you do, brave citizen to support the Confederacy at this time?
[montage of battleships, armored forces and other military assets. National anthem rises to deafening volume]
Gather around the brave flag, black and blue. Never listen to slanderous propoganda. Inform local security forces of suspected alien-sympathizers, and stand strong and proud. The greatest thing for a sentient being to be is to be a loyal human citizen.
[end file]
File::9 Investigation Report - Fleet Security
File::10,11 Holo-Photos
File::12 Internal Announcement - Academy Campus 2580.67
In light of the tragic events that have struck not only our academy but also the entire federal fleet, this Saturday a special memorial service will be held for the students that died, not only to mourn their death, but to celebrate their life and courage. This is an internal affair, no outside guests will be permitted or should be invited.
Chairman/Main Address: Academy Overseer Chillox
Speaker for the Dead: Cadet Oliver Windrow
[end file]
File::13 Internal Message:: Col. Brighten to Academy Overseer Chillox
You are treading on thin ice my friend. Allowing that student to so openly deride official policy, all in pretense of speaking for the brave young men and women of the fleet? I need not remind you how politically charged the atmosphere surrounding official fleet policy and contact with alien civilizations has become. If certain people within internal security were to get a hold of the transcript of that speech, it would be curtains for both you and this Cadet Windrow.
I'll do what I can to hush things, but but if I were you I would graduate this Cadet as soon as possible and move him to an assignment far far away from you.
P.S. The kid is right of course, the whole affair was botched from the start. From what I understand he had a lot of friends aboard... God rest their souls...
[end file]
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