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For our returning veterans who prefer the PCG as imagined in the LUCL, it's still here.

Oh, and before to go― please, grab a sidearm. It gets a bit crazy around here...

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ETX J'ck'trrg Empty ETX J'ck'trrg

on Wed Aug 21, 2013 9:43 pm
ETX J'ck'trrg

ETX J'ck'trrg GetMedia

Introducing the ETX J'ck'trrg! As Zorn's personal vessel, this no exspense barred ship-of-the-line supercruiser is covered in weapons and surrounded by impenetrable shields and armor. It is used primarily to spear-head attacks, or to go ahead of an attack force and soften up targets. In otherwords, it's a tank. The J'ck'trrg is used for special operations needing X-tra large amounts of firepower or deep strikes in enemy territory. It's crew and minature army on board are the best of the best, trained as commandos for the Martian Imperial Fleet. It has enough weapons to take on a couple of Spectre's at the same time, or a small Yeneme battle group of ships. It's two megalasers, while smaller than those on the ETX Megalaser, are still extremly powerful, punching holes in even the toughest of armor or shielding. The 48 "stationary" snorzibium torpedo launchers are all arranged in three lines of 16, one line above the other. These torpedo launchers are meant to be fired all at once, the effects of which being all to obvious to any ship in the way. It's shields are also some of the most powerful in the fleet, with no less than five KMF shielding arrays, and several feet of armor.


112x anti-starfighter turrets
11x long range anti-starfighter turrets (4 underneath)
140x anti-starship duel turbolasers
30x heavy turbolasers
11x long range heavy turbolasers MKI (3 underneath)
5x long range heavy turbolasers MKII (2 underneath)
19x snorzibium torpedo launcher turrets (2 underneath)
16x particle crusher guns (8 per side)
32x undership emplacements
48x stationary snorzibum torpedo launchers (underneath)
2x megalasers (underneath)

5 KMF shielding arrays
7 feet of Crystallium-Urkstra armor
2 feet of ablative armor

Hyperdrive: class 3.7
Large hanger with:
-10 squadrons of 10 Yurgs
-20 Squadrons of 5 Grwps
-20 Squadrons of 3 Infiltrators
-30 Squadrons of 9 Devastators
-50 Urp Grksts
-1 Captian's Devastator + 2 wingmen Devastators
-1 Captain's shuttle
-Large amounts of various ground craft.


ETX J'ck'trrg GetMedia
ETX J'ck'trrg GetMedia
The J'ck'trrg with two Grumq'ks attached, the partcile crusher guns have receded into the ship to allow the carrier craft to attach.
ETX J'ck'trrg GetMedia

LXF file:

ETX J'ck'trrg Alien_11

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ETX J'ck'trrg Empty Re: ETX J'ck'trrg

on Thu Aug 22, 2013 5:53 pm
Nice.... very... very... powerful... Cool ship AA! Very Happy

ETX J'ck'trrg York_j11


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