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Shniten Industries

on Mon Jul 22, 2013 4:55 pm
Shniten Industries was the father-company of Yaka Industries, and the grandfather of the Yaka Empire. The company was started by an American investor/entrepreneur by the name of Clark Uptonne, who funded a German experimental weapons designer, Nast Schnauzer. In ten years, they formed the company, and by the end of the 21st century, they had changed warfare with their field-practical line of railguns. By the early 22nd century, they had become one of the most financially successful and powerful corporations in the world and, by absorbing an upstart private space exploration and mining company, become the second company to begin extraterrestrial mining. In the mid-22nd century, their mining probes were the first to land on a planet outside of the solar system. The planet that the first prob landed on contained vast amounts of the element Yakaium (named after the head scientist, Yaka Hysispin, of the team that built the first extra-solar probes), a discovery that would make Shniten Industries a corporation with the resources and power of nations. 2200 marked the end of Shniten Industries and the birth of Yaka Industries, the next step in the formation of the Empire.
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