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Star Force Database Empty Star Force Database

on Tue Aug 11, 2015 5:58 pm
Edit: This thread will be used for a friend's class assignment.

If a moderator could pin this thread, I'd be thankful. Very Happy

Star Force Database RUGWf90


The need for defense has existed forever.  Imagined in 2430 and founded in 2455, STAR FORCE existed as little more than phaser training for Star Fleet officers.

Always the Federation's unfavored child, it took the rise of a new corporate power to build STAR FORCE the respectable military force it has now.  In 2500, as part of Fleet Captain Talmid's addition to the Federation Defense Act, Talmidian Starship Industries officially endorsed the renamed Star Force.

Major Contributors

TSI / Talmidian Starship Industries

Fleet Captain Talmid's personal building company has always given Star Force a helping hand.  Prior to the Federation Defense Act, when Star Force could not afford contracting more than a few jobs out of the big, expensive companies like United Star Fighters Incorporated, Talmidian Starship Industries was able to provide Star Force with some light plane and tank frames.  Currently the greatest assets Talmidian Starship Industries has to give Star Force are guns and money.

USFI / United Star Fighters Incorporated

Star Force's line of successful aerospace craft began with the machines of United Star Fighters Incorporated.  Few companies could contend with the quality presented in the flying machines of United Star Fighters Incorporated - that's why Star Force contracted them.

HPC / HPC Airframe Industries

HPC is a smaller company that builds various odd aerospace craft.  Star Force has presented them with some orders outside of United Star Fighters Inc.'s range, for example armored personnel carriers, transports, and couriers.  HPC has even attempted some light fighters and a bomber, but their designs are typically more radical than they are effective.

MU / Mechanion Union

Mechanion Union is Star Force's go-to for all-terrain walkers.  The small company has provided Star Force with only six designs so far, and only two since Talmidian Starship Industries commissioned them, but the originals' rugged effectiveness at just about any role keeps the old models popular to this day.

MTI / Mersann Tank Industries

Mersann Tank Industries builds some light tanks which Star Force has bought and added to its army.

Naming and Standardization

There are two generations to Star Force equipment.  Pre-2500, 25th Century equipment is part of Star Force's Generation O.  Post-2500, 26th Century equipment is part of Star Force's Generation P.  The letter "O" will appear in Star Force's standardized naming system denoting Generation O craft.  For example, for aerospace craft:

F-O23 TSI Star Stalker Class Fighter
A-O13 TSI Scarab Class Attack Fighter

To fully understand the naming system, it is necessary to study the equation which I will shamelessly rip off from Mightyman.  The equation is as follows:

X-YZAb ~Manufacturer~ ~Make~

X is the type of vehicle:
T = Trainer
F = Fighter
A = Attack Fighter
B = Bomber
G = Gunship
TR = Transport
BC = Experimental
D = Drone

The rest of the name is then expounded based on the time and date of the craft's creation.

Y is the generation of vehicle:
O = Generation O, pre-2500

The first digit will be 1 through 9 on all Generation P vehicles.  Typically the smaller the number the older the plane is, the bigger the number the newer the plane is.  For example:

F-O41a USFI Supreme Class Fighter <- Generation O vehicle
T-149 USFI Swallow Class Trainer <- Old Generation P vehicle
F-585c USFI Freesprite Class Heavy Interceptor <- New Generation P vehicle

ZA is seemingly random aircraft identification.

Lastly, lowercase b is a variant or incarnation of the vehicle.  When multiple variations or incarnations are produced, the first incarnation is retroactively given an "a" at the end of its name.  for example:

F-114a USFI Star Falcon Class Fighter
F-114b USFI Star Falcon II Class Fighter
F-514e USFI Star Falcon V Mark II Class Fighter

The ground vehicle naming system is inconsistent with the aerospace vehicle naming system.   The ground vehicle equation is as follows: MXZ-Yabc ~Manufacturer~ ~Make~

M is always M.  It means ground vehicle.

XZ can be two or three or however many digits, it is a code that refers to the type of ground vehicle:

MTR - Walker mech
MT - Light armored vehicle
MF - Heavy armored vehicle
MN - Heavily armored vehicle

Y will either be O for Generation O vehicles, or if just won't be there.  For example:

MT-O31 TSI Jaguar Class Light Tank
MF-O38 TSI Nishigaki Class Heavy Tank
as opposed to
MF-205 TSI Savage Class Armored Fighting Vehicle <- No "O"
MTR-05 MU Twilight Class Bombardment Mech

"abc" is identification, it can be any amount of digits.

With that out of the way, we move forwards.

The Official Star Force Vehicular Database

Aerospace craft

Generation O

A-O13 TSI Scarab Class Attack Fighter
F-O14 HPC Lancer Class Fighter
F-O22 TSI Harrier Class Fighter
F-O23 TSI Star Stalker Class Fighter
B-O27 TSI Albatross Class Bomber
F-O41a USFI Supreme Class Fighter

Generation 1

F-114a USFI Star Falcon Class Fighter
F-114b USFI Star Falcon II Class Fighter
B-115a USFI Star Cruiser Class Bomber
TR/G-195a USFI Spitfire Class Gunship Dropship
T-149 USFI Swallow Class Trainer

Generation 2

F-203 TSI Sky Hawk Class Fighter
A-208 USFI Star Phantom Class Attack Fighter
B-215b USFI Star Cruiser II Class Bomber
F-219a USFI Star Interceptor Class Interceptor
TR-222 HPC Armored Personnel Carrier
TR-225a HPC Galidor Class Dropship
F-225b HPC Galidor Class Fighter
F-228a USFI Star Scout Class Scout
B-230a Star Thunderbolt Class Bomber
F-231a USFI Star Phoenix Class Fighter
F-231b USFI Star Phoenix II Class Fighter
A-235 USFI Neptune Class Heavy Fighter
F-238a USFI Star Hawk Class Fighter
F-238b USFI Star Hawk Interceptor Class Fighter
F-295b USFI Spitfire II Class Fighter

Generation 3

F-314c USFI Star Falcon III Class Fighter
F-319b USFI Star Interceptor II Class Interceptor
F-328b USFI Star Scout II Class Scout
B-330b Star Thunderbolt XL Class Bomber
F-331c USFI Star Phoenix III Class Fighter
BC-342 TSI Firehawk Class Stealth Fighter

Generation 4

F-414d USFI Star Falcon IV Class Fighter
A-424a USFI Star Ranger Class Torpedo Bomber
F-431d USFI Star Phoenix IV Class Fighter
A-436 USFI Shrike Class Strike Fighter
F-437 USFI Starling Class Interceptor
B-446 HPC Intruder Class Heavy Bomber

Generation 5

F-514e-1 USFI Star Falcon V Mark 1 Class Fighter
F-514e-2 USFI Star Falcon V Mark II Class Fighter
F-514l USFI Star Falcon L Class Fighter
B-515c USFI Star Cruiser III Class Medium Bomber
F-531e USFI Star Phoenix V Class Fighter
T-585 USFI Sprite Class Trainer
F-585a USFI Aerosprite Class Interceptor
F-585b USFI Windsprite Class Interceptor
F-585c USFI Freesprite Class Heavy Interceptor
T-595 USFI Spitfire Trainer
A-595c USFI Spitfire III Class Attack Fighter
TR-598 HPC Star Hopper Class Courier
BC-5145X Micro Fighter
BC-5157X Vesper Micro Fighter

Generation 6

F-614e-3 USFI Star Falcon V Mark 3 Class Star Fighter
F-622b TSI Harrier Hawk Class Light Fighter
F-628c USFI Star Scout III Class Scout
A-624b USFI Star Ranger II Class Torpedo Bomber
B-630c USFI Star Thunderbolt II Class Strategic Bomber
F-631f USFI Star Phoenix VI Class Fighter
F-638c Super Star Hawk Class Light Fighter
F-641b USFI Supreme II Class Fighter
B-680 HPC Star Intimidator Class Bomber
D-697 USFI Pidgeon Drone

Ground craft

Generation O

MTR-O01 MU Sunrise Class Light Mech
MTR-O02 MU Frontier Class Battle Mech
MTR-O03 MU Horizon Class Scout Mech
MTR-O04 MU Endeavor Class Recon Mech
MT-O31 TSI Jaguar Class Light Tank
MF-O38 TSI Nishigaki "Karbert Armor" Class Heavy Tank

Generation P

MTR-05 MU Twilight Class Bombardment Mech
MTR-06 MU Daybreak Class Mobile Mortar Mech
MN-3 MTI Aven Class Minesweeper
MT-21 MTI Pangolin Class Light Armored Vehicle
MF-205 TSI Savage Class Armored Fighting Vehicle

I think that is all of them.
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