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For our returning veterans who prefer the PCG as imagined in the LUCL, it's still here.

Oh, and before to go― please, grab a sidearm. It gets a bit crazy around here...

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Mortar Team

on Tue Mar 31, 2015 12:21 pm

Mortar teams are two man teams that carry a light mortar and ammo, giving infantry an easily set-up, easily moved, heavier firepower available than towed or self-propelled artillery, though obviously not as powerful. They are used mostly against entrenched enemies or those proving hard to dislodge from cover, or for simple suppression. Mortar team operator's HUDs are uploaded with advanced targeting system incorporating many extra features and more readily available information useful in accurate targeting. Some mortar team members even carry "pocket drones" for providing aerial observation for spotting targets and adjusting rounds onto them. Two mortar teams make up a fire-team. On a team, one carries the mortar and the other carries the ammo. Both carry an assault rifle.


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